100% Acrylic Elastomeric Waterproof Coating

A high build, flexible, 100% acrylic waterproof coating that gives a low lustre finish to new and previously painted concrete, masonry and brick walls, and accompanying wood and metal trim.

When applied according to directions, it provides a weather and temperature resistant coating that is flexible enough to bridge minor surface cracks as they develop, which helps maintains the waterproof nature of the coating.

Spreading Rate : 7 – 9 m2/ l
Dry Time at 20°C : 4 hours to touch, 24 hours to recoat
Thinning : Do not thin
For application by : Brush, roller, spray

Performance Features

  • Thick, elastic coating bridges minor cracks as they develop
  • Helps waterproof concrete buildings against wind-driven rain
  • Formulated to resist dirt pickup
  • Tintable

Colors : White and over 3.500 tinted colors are available from the Moor-O-Matic Color System.
Toxicity : Formulated without lead or mercury.
Gloss Level : 5 – 15 at 60° viewing angle.

Performance Guide

  • Excellent resistance to all weather conditions.
  • Tensile Strength at 25°C 1.5 N/mm2 (ASTM D412).
  • Elongation at 25°C 380% (ASTM D412).
  • Environmental Resistance : Good resistance to concrete carbonation.
  • Heat Resistance to usual exposed surface temperatures.
  • Resistance : Excellent resistance to rain and condensation.
  • Fair Abrasion Resistance.
  • Good Solvent Resistance, sensitive to alcohols and aromatic hydrocarbons.

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds): 055 MOORLASTIC 100% Acrylic Elastomeric Waterproof Coating: belongs to the category A/c WB (exterior walls of mineral substrate) EU Limit: 40g/l (2010). This product contains max 19g/l VOC.

Surface Preparation

  • Surface to be painted must be free of all loose material such as flaking and peeling paint, dust, dirt, concrete salts and heavy chalk.
  • The surface must be clean with all traces of grease, oil, form oils and mildew removed.
  • Remove loose material by scraping and sanding.
  • Sand glossy surfaces to a dull finish.
  • Fill cracks with an appropriate putty.
  • Prime according to substrate type and apply one or two coats of 055 MOORLASTIC Wall Coating, as outlined below.
  • New Concrete, Masonry and Brick : Prime with one coat of 182 SUPER SPEC. Stabilising Primer thinned 20% with white spirits or 192 Aqua Grip Ecological Micronized Primer. Apply one coat of 055 MOORLASTIC Wall Coating, let dry overnight and repeat application. Coverage for each coat must be 7 – 9 m2 per litre.
  • Wood Trim : Prime with 572 MOORESTYLE Alkyd Undercoat. Finish with one coat of 055 MOORLASTIC Wall Coating.
  • Metal Trim : Following label directions, prime ferrous metal with 568 MOORESTYLE Rust Primer, prime galvanized-iron with 023 FRESH START, and prime aluminium with 570 MOORESTYLE Alkyd Muli-primer. Finish with one coat of 055 MOORLASTIC Wall Coating.
  • Previously Painted Surfaces : Spot-prime any unpainted areas with 182 SUPER SPEC. Stabilising Primer, then apply an overall coat of Stabilising Primer according to label directions. Finish with one coat of 055 MOORLASTIC Wall Coating.


  • Stir paint thoroughly before use.
  • Apply by roller, brush, or airless spray.
  • Do not thin.
  • Do not apply at temperatures below 10°C.
  • Drying times are longer under cool/moist conditions.
  • Owing to the necessary film thickness of this product, the coating remains sensitive to rain and moisture condensation longer than conventional emulsion coatings.
  • Do not apply when rain or damp weather is anticipated during the drying time of the combined applications.
  • Equipment Cleaning : Clean equipment in warm, soapy water promptly after painting.







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