Ecological 100% Acrylic

All-Purpose Primer

A high quality ecological, 100% acrylic primer formulated to adhere to a wide range of interior and exterior substrates. Use on walls, wood, plaster, concrete, bricks, gypsum board, ceramic tile, formica, non-ferrous metal, glass and rigid PVC. Applies easily with minimal roller spatter and odor. Dries quickly, provides outstanding adhesion and sealing and it can be used under acrylic or enamel paints as well as over new and previously painted surfaces.

The ability to tone in dark and vibrant tones makes this primer great for first-hand use when it comes to wall and facade surfaces that are painted with some of the Benjamin Moore’s colors in dark tones, affecting better coverage as well as the final quality and durability of the surface as well as the preservation of tone.

Fresh start primer is a product that meets the new European Union standard and holds an eco license.
For more information as to why this product has been awarded the Flower visit the website: www.ecolabel.eu.

Available in sizes: 1 litre, 3 litres

Colors: White and over 3,500 colors are available from Moor-O-Matic Color System.

Spreading Rate : 7- 9 m2/ l
Dry Time at 20°C : 1 hour to touch, 2 hours to recoat
Thinning : 5%-30% with water
For application by : Brush, roller, spray

Performance Features

  •  Penetrates to seal the surface
  • It stands up to alkalinity
  • Use on exterior and interior porous surfaces
  • Quick dry, recoat same day

Performance Guide

  • Weather Resistance
  • Heat Resistance – Up to 6°C
  • Excellent Environmental Resistance
  • Excellent resistance to rain and condensation

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds): 023 FRESH START Eco Primer: belongs to the category A/g WB (Primers). EU Limit: 15g/l (2010). This product contains maximum 2g/l VOC  

Surface Preparation

  • Surface to be painted must be thoroughly clean, dry and free of dust, dirt, grease, loose material, flaking paint, concrete salts and mildew. Remove loose material by scraping and sanding.

    Note: If mildew is present, remove with a commercial mildew wash, following manufacture’s directions and cautions. Apply one coat. Fill nail holes, cracks and areas needing repair, then spot prime these areas.

  • New Wood: Spot prime all caulked nailholes and patches with 023 FRESH START Eco Primer. Allow to dry, then apply a full coat 023 FRESH START Eco Primer. Sand to a smooth surface.
  • New Gypsum Board: 023 FRESH START Eco Primer will not raise the nap of the paper.
  • New Walls, Plaster and Concrete: Apply once these surfaces are dry and cured.
  • Brick, Masonry: Ensure loose and crumbling material is removed before priming.
  • Previously Painted Surfaces: Ensure surface is clean and sound.
  • Galvanized Metal, Stainless Steel and Aluminium: Degrease with white spirits or suitable solvent.
  • Glass, Rigid PVC, Ceramic Tile and other hard non-porous surfaces: Clean thoroughly with detergent and water.


  • Stir thoroughly before use. Apply by roller, brush, or spray. Do not thin. Do not apply when air and surface temperatures are below 10°C.
  • Owing to the necessary film thickness of this product, the coating remains sensitive to rain and moisture condensation longer than conventional emulsion coatings., so it should not be used as a finishing coat.
  • Do not apply Primer 023 Fresh Start when rain or damp weather is anticipated during the drying time.







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