100% Acrylic House Paint

A superior 100% acrylic emulsion flat finish with exceptional weather- resistant properties. Dries to a breathable coating that resists blistering. Recommended for masonry surfaces such as plaster, concrete, stucco, and brick, as well as for wood. Ideal for seaside exposure on concrete buildings. Use a primer before applying.

Available Sizes : 1L, 5L, 10L
Colors & Shades : White and over 3,500 colors are available from Moor-O-Matic Color System.

Spreading Rate : 10 – 14 m2/ l per coat
Dry Time at 20°C : 1 hour to touch, 2 – 4 hours to recoat
Thinning : Ready for use, if necessary thin up to 5% with water
For application by : Brush, roller, spray

Performance Features

  • Flat finish with superior durability
  • Breathable, blister-resistant coating
  • Easy application and clean up, quick recoat
  • Fade-resistant colors

Colors : White and over 3.500 tinted colors are available from the Moor-O-Matic Color System
Toxicity : Formulated without lead or mercury
Gloss Level : 0-5 at 60o viewing angle

Performance Guide

  • Weather Resistance : Superior resistance to weather, to chalking, color change and dirt pick-up
  • Environmental Resistance : Provides good resistance to concrete carbonation
  • Heat Resistance : Up to 60°C
  • Water Resistance : Resists rain and condensation
  • Abrasion Resistance : Good resistance to abrasion
  • Solvent Resistance : Good resistance to white spirits. Sensitive to aromatic hydro carbons and alcohols

Surface Preparation

  • Surface to be painted must be free of all loose material such as flaking and peeling paint, dust, concrete salts and heavy chalk.
  • The surface must be clean with all traces of grease, oil, and dirt removed.
  • Remove loose material by scraping and sanding.
  • Sand glossy surfaces to a dull finish.
  • Apply two coats of 505 MOORSHIELD 100 % Acrylic House Paint after priming as outlined below.
  • New Concrete and Plaster : Prime with 182 SUPER SPEC. Stabilising Primer, or 192 Aqua Grip Ecological Micronized Primer, or 181 SUPER SPEC. Acrylic AlkaliResisting Primer thinned according to label directions.
  • Unpainted and Weathered Concrete, Brick : Prime with one coat of 182 SUPER SPEC Stabilising Primer, or 192 Aqua Grip Ecological Micronized Primer thinned according to label directions.
  • Previously Painted Surfaces : Prime with 182 SUPER SPEC. Stabilising Primer or 181 SUPER SPEC. Acrylic Alkali-Resisting Primer.
  • New Wood : Prime with 570 MOORESTYLE Alkyd Multi-primer or 023 FRESH START Eco Primer.


  • Stir paint thoroughly before use.
  • Apply by roller, brush, or airless spray.
  • Thin 5% with clean water.
  • Do not apply at temperatures below 10OC.
  • Drying times are longer under cool/moist conditions.
  • Equipment Cleaning : Clean equipment in warm, soapy water.







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